Letter from the President


A 5 percent increase in an organization's employee engagement produces a 3 percent increase in revenue, according to a 2015 Aon Hewitt survey.

When I think of engaging brands, Vitamix is certainly toward the top of that list. I can't even count the number of home and garden shows I've visited where a Vitamix rep offered me smoothie samples, testimonials and great data about how much more nutritional value a Vitamix blended beverage offers than the rest.

Sure, that rep wanted to make money, but she was also a Vitamix client. She was the product of incredible brand leadership, which provided her with inspiring language, engaging experiences and a burning desire to share Vitamix with the rest of the world.

As public relations practitioners, we, too, are leaders. Whether we're announcing a new venture, brand or event, it is our job to engage the world (or our corner of it, at least) with relatable, engaging content and experiences. We have the added task of positioning our client, brand or organization as a leader, too.

I'm excited to learn from Vitamix CEO Jodi Berg how passionate leadership can produce such a wildly successful brand, and I'm always happy to partner with other leaders in the community like AAF-Akron to bring exceptional speakers to Akron. I invite you to please consider joining us onMay 24.


Tina Boyes
President, Akron Area PRSA 

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