Happy New Year: Words Matter

Tina Boyes 2017Dear Members:

Happy New Year! For many of us, January brings to mind the things in our lives that need to be changed: workout routines (or lack thereof), not-so-healthy habits, maybe even your job. However, we would all be well-served to consider something that doesn't change with the year or season: the need for clear, truthful and inspiring communication.

If I've learned anything from the most recent election season, it's the power of words. Words matter. Their veracity, their tone, their intentions (veiled or clearly stated): Words hold the power of life and death. They can make us feel fulfilled but also be less than truthful. They can be difficult to digest for a time but contain honest (and needed) truth.

My fellow PR and communication pros, there has never been a greater need for your talents than now.

Whether you're a corporate or employee communications professional, public information officer, social media expert or PR consultant, your work is vital to the everyday experiences of those around you. Your honesty, advocacy, loyalty and objectivity contribute to the core ethics of the very organization of which we are all part.

As a member of the Public Relations Society of America and the incoming president of PRSA Akron, I am proud to work together with you as we advocate and raise the bar for better communication - in the public, private and even personal arenas.

Tina Boyes
President, Akron Area PRSA 

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