Chapter Spotlight: Julie Miller, M.Ed, APR

CS: Julie MillerAssociate Professor, Communication Arts & Sciences, Baldwin Wallace University

First Job in PR/communications:

Public Relations Specialist, The American Red Cross, Blood Services - Cleveland, Ohio

Your proudest accomplishment in PR:

While working as the director of hospital affairs for Life Banc, Northeast Ohio's organ and tissue procurement organization, I participated in a national initiative to increase organ donation.  Through the development, implementation and evaluation of several strategies to increase organ donation, our team eliminated 20 plus missed organ donor referrals at Northeast Ohio hospitals.  (Each donor has the potential to save eight lives through organ donation.) This resulted in our team winning two Health & Human Services (HHS) Medals of Honor in recognition for our lifesaving accomplishments.

Favorite aspects of working in PR:

As a practitioner, I worked for for-profit and non-profit healthcare organizations.  In multiple roles, I had the privilege of developing strategies to inform audiences about vital healthcare services.  I also had the opportunity to meet several individuals who benefited from my employers' services, and I was honored to know I had made a difference.  As an educator, I love introducing students to the dynamic field of public relations and all the possibilities that await them.

A recent/current PR project:

Baldwin Wallace University was just awarded a PRSSA chapter.  I am the chapter's faculty advisor and we are looking forward to collaborating with professional chapters and servicing our communities.

Why did you join the Akron PRSA Chapter?

I joined the Akron Chapter to connect with professionals, serve the profession and introduce BW students to the Akron/Canton marketplace.  I have truly enjoyed the meetings and friendly members!

What made you decide to get your APR and how has it helped you? 

I decided to get my APR when I started teaching at BW. I tell my students to become lifelong learners and seek multiple ways to continue their educations.  Getting my APR was a way for me to model this behavior for them as well as advance my credentials in the field.  When I teach students about ethics, I introduce them to the APR credentialing process and its value.  I am proud to be able to tell them I have my APR and encourage them to become accredited in the future.

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